Updated version of Expenses Part 1

I have posted the update version to the first part of my tutorial on Core Data. This version of the tutorial covers Xcode 4, mostly covering the bindings portion since the prototyping tool didn’t make it into Xcode 4. You can read the post here. As a reminder I will not be adding any tutorials to this site anymore as I have moved my blog to my main development website theMikeSwan.com.


2 Responses to “Updated version of Expenses Part 1”

  1. david scobie Says:

    can you give some direction re how to get user input into core data..when I hit the ‘add’ button I get a new instance filled with zeros, and editing doesn’t ‘stick’..I would like a way (utility
    panel ?) to have the user enter data prior to hitting ‘add’

    • themikeswan Says:

      No matter what you will have to create an entity before you can assign values to it, so if you went with a utility panel of some sort you would have to create a new entity and then edit it.

      My guess is that you have some bindings issues. The bindings are what handle keeping the values in the UI the same as what is in the model. Without knowing more about what is going on I can’t be sure where your issue is but I would suggest trying to edit entities in both the fileds and the table to see if either one has an effect on the model (if you can successfully in one of these places copy those bindings over to the other side). You can also try saving the file as XML so you can read through and see if any entities are getting saved and if so what values they have.

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